Community Water Project

The aims and objectives of H.A.W.A are to promote health, wellness, social-economic growth of Arusha Region and the Tanzanian people. Access to clean water is key to each of these areas. For many people across the continent of Africa access to clean water is a daily struggle. Many families must send someone to walk to fetch water several times a day. Sometimes this walk is several miles each way. Not only is clean water vital for health and wellness, this daily task takes valuable time and energy away from the family that could be used for school, study, and work or family business opportunities.

Our Community Water Project brought water to a beautiful and lush region of the village of Akeri which sits in the foothills of Mt. Meru. HAWA partnered with the Community Education Resource Foundation (C.E.R.F.O.) Library to dig a well and place a public tap for area residents to use on the grounds of the library. This brings a reliable source of water to the surrounding families and shortens the walk for many. Everyday members of the community bring their buckets to fill for their daily cooking and washing needs.

H.A.W.A and C.E.R.F are providing services that enhance the everyday lives of the community. A special celebration was held at the library where community members expressed their gratitude for the water project. Community members gathered to share words of appreciation and presented gifts to us as organizers of the project. The library is also home to educational programs for children, youth and adults from the community.