Community Electricity Project

On 9-30, 2016, at the Imbaseni Village in Maji ya Chai ward, H.A.W.A. provided electricity supply to a number of community members which covered all cost of service line and connection to their homes. Many of the community benefit from this project called “Light On Dark”. This was the very first time  the area affected had received electricity and many elder members of the community expressed their profound gratitude.


At the present time, ten people have benefitted from electricity having been bought to the village by H.A.W.A., and there are fifty more who now can get access to the power and convenience of having electricity in their homes. This project strengthened the community relationship with H.A.W.A. furthering the positive impact of H.A.W.A.’s future projects of mental, spirit and physical health programs. As an organization, we are very excited by this data as it represents our future and the willingness of the community to join together. Additionally, we were encouraged by the number of individuals who actively participated in our programs, and we are appreciative. In response to our projects, village and community leaders expressed interest in continuing to work with us. Ultimately, this event evidenced the continued importance of H.A.W.A.’s work within the community and the need to continue to support the Arumeru District in their health and other infrastructure goals.