Community Nutrition and Food Supply Projects 

Each month, H.A.W.A. strives to extend our reach beyond education in the classrooms by supporting and/or implementing health projects within the community. Project Nutrition and Food Supply to the community is a project started by the Community Health Facilitators as they contribute part of their time to learn about and discover sustainable ways to support current health programs and supply food to the street children in Arusha ( Arusha regional market),  and the Maji ya Chai ward at Imbaseni Village. In addition,  H.A.W.A. currently provides over 100,000 Tsh monthly to random selected families in this targeted area to support Project Champion (nutrition and food supply). We have created proposals for various other projects to be  presented to the partners and donors who continue to work with us. These proposals will be further discussed by the Board of Directors here in Arusha before being sent to the partners where action will be taken to provide the necessary support.