About Us

Health And Wellness in Africa (H.A.W.A.) is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of individuals living in the low resource areas by providing health related services including mental, spirit and physical health education. H.A.W.A. accepts that community development begins with Mental , spirit and Physical health and that together they create both an imperative to act and an opportunity to learn. H.A.W.A. provides services in the Arumeru District, Arusha Region in Tanzania, (Registration No. 5277 registered underTRUSTEES OF HEALTH AND WELLNESS IN AFRICA).

The organization (TRUSTEE) has been working in Tanzania since 2016 June. We strive to empower the communities to think about Mental, Spirit and Physical health in new and innovative ways by taking the responsibility of their personal health into their own hands. H.A.W.A. is a small organization with the big idea that every person should have access to the love and healing that they need to live long and happy lives.