Promoting Health, Wellness, Social-Economic Growth

In the Arusha region

Improving Wellbeing

Through Community Development

Our Community Projects

Making a difference in the lives of the people

Support for Electricity

On 9-30, 2016, at the Imbaseni Village in Maji ya Chai ward, H.A.W.A. provided electriFFcity supply to a number of community members which covered all cost of service line and connection to their homes. Many of the community benefit from this project called “Light On Dark”. This was the very first time  the area affected had received electricity and many elder members of the community expressed their profound gratitude. 

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Food Drive

Each month, H.A.W.A. strives to extend our reach beyond education in the classrooms by supporting and/or implementing health projects within the community. Project Nutrition and Food Supply to the community is a project started by the Community Health Facilitators as they contribute part of their time to learn about and discover sustainable ways to support current health programs and supply food to the street children in Arusha ( Arusha regional market),  and the Maji ya Chai ward at Imbaseni Village.

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Physical Health Education

H.A.W.A. recently completed a three month (July-September 2016) program of physical health education. This program joined an American health advocate with a Tanzanian teaching partner as Community Health Facilitators (CHF) to lead the physical health education classes.

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Water Project

Our Community Water Project brought water to a beautiful and lush region of the village of Akeri which sits in the foothills of Mt. Meru. This brings a reliable source of water to the surrounding families and shortens the walk for many. Everyday members of the community bring their buckets to fill for their daily cooking and washing needs.

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